Three Facts that Sum Up Entrepreneurship’s Challenges—And Ways to Solve them

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John Eric DeTitta

Not every entrepreneurial initiative has a straightforward success story. If a business owner is doing so well, that does not mean his life was like this from the very first day. After all, being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey.

It has more risky terrain and is the least trafficked route. It comes with increased failure rates, unstable finances, unknowns, and fierce competition. 72% of business owners have mental health problems in one way or another, compared to 48% of non-business owners.

With an estimated 582 million entrepreneurs globally, this problem affects a significant 8% of the world’s population. For this reason, it shouldn’t be considered taboo to discuss the psychological and emotional obstacles that entrepreneurs face.

John Eric DeTitta

We’ll talk about some of the typical psychological barriers that business owners encounter, along with solutions.

How to Handle the Jitters Before the Launch?

Before the big event, it’s common to doubt and question oneself. However, a lot of entrepreneurs will relate to the significance of starting as a necessary step for their career path to take off.

After all, not launching at all is only slightly worse than an imperfect launch. You may be confident that nobody succeeds the first time. Consider making the most of a poor launch.

Consider Ryan Zagata of the Brooklyn Bicycle Company, who wanted to get his bikes in front of clients as quickly as possible so that he could use his lessons learned to create better, more modern bicycles and a distribution network.

How to Deal with Loneliness?

Working alone can quickly become the norm for entrepreneurs. Thanks to technology, you can manage your business from your home desk or even in your sweats.

And because many business owners (especially solopreneurs) don’t know who to turn to for help, they are forced to either go ahead without a professional network to rely on or establish a network while simultaneously growing their company.

It’s critical to surround yourself with individuals who support both your lifestyle and your business. The secret to developing a better network of resources and relations that will be very helpful while growing a brand, especially in times of isolation, is to build a community—or join one that already exists.

Building Resilience

Even though establishing a business may always be unclear, there will probably be more lows than highs during the initial phases. It’s crucial to stick with it through those difficulties.

Since they frequently involve resolving issues that are fundamental to getting your company up and running, such as sorting out challenging logistics or locating the appropriate suppliers.

But by enduring it all with resilience, you can surely meet the long-term results. There are good days and bad days, and you have to climb over many dung piles to get where you want to go. Just stay resilient.

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