Media Changes the Minds of People

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Television indeed plays a huge role in shaping the minds of people. If someone wants to know the culture of a specific region media is a reliable source to study all the ethics of society. We all are grown up watching superstitious movies and superheroes and that’s the only reason we idealize them because we were made to watch them. In traditional romantic movies, we have always come across the death of a hero. Similarly, story tales like cinderella, snow white, beauty, and the beast and rapunzel have set certain beauty standards making people beauty conscious. Not just mass media but also other forms of media are also seen taking control of the human brain.

John Eric DeTitta

Print media has influenced a large mass and social media is explicitly seen causing psychological issues. Here are certain facts that will leave you to wonder about your past decisions.

Change of opinions:

It’s a world of globalization, we are living in a universe where a butterfly effect is dominantly seen. In our daily routine, we are found changing our opinions by watching a few masses or reading a few articles disguised as a fact. Even we face confusion in our strong believes and try to imitate what the masses are doing.

Twitter war:

Whenever a state is holding elections, political figures engage themselves in twitter war as it’s a political forum which has made many governments fall and many others to rise. Tweets supporting human rights misguide people to opt for wrong leaders.

Echo-chamber effect:

Much has been written about theĀ echo-chamber effect, our propensity to surround ourselves with views with which we already agree, and distance ourselves from those holding opposing opinions. It encourages us to see the world as divided between us and them, to exaggerate the differences between self and others.

Numb us to violence:

In 3rd world countries, we have seen people numb to violence whereas 1st world nations are sensitive to these matters. Watching people die, target killing, honor killing, and bomb blasts invoke anger and aggression among people.

Religious affairs:

Many people under the title of religious scholars keep manipulating religions for their interests. Social media is unable to reveal the truth and we consider this fraudulent scheme as our religious obligation.

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