3 Tips To Be A Great Songwriter!

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To be a great lyricist, you would require to learn the art of blending creativity with storytelling. Each and every lyricist has to be very creative so that he can produce some really unique and attractive content for his listeners. People are being bombarded with a number of songs on a daily basis. What will set your song apart from your competitors is creativity. Being a songwriter is not easy and it might take years to master the skills needed to be a great lyricist. But you can achieve your goals by focusing on your writing skills on a regular basis. Remember those good lyrics do not come naturally. You have to put a lot of effort to be able to get to that point. Just never stop writing. Keep practicing so you can become a great songwriter.

John Eric DeTitta New York

Here in this article, I will be explaining some simple and easy to follow tips to become a great songwriter.

Read and write more poetry:

The world of a songwriter revolves around poetry. Therefore, you need to be friends with poetry. Only then can you be able to produce great poetry in your songs. Whether you are already good at poetry or not, reading and writing poetry is a must for you. Make this a habit. Assign sometime for this task. If you continue to read and write poetry, you will eventually be able to hit more unique ideas for your song.

Be different:

You don’t have to copy others. People do not like to listen to songs that sound similar to some other song. You can win hearts by producing something of your own. Bring on your own creativity, your own uniqueness. Replicating a song will not work in your favor.

Follow a theme:

Make sure that your song is based on a proper theme. There should a well-defined story that can be understood by each and every listener. Before writing a song, create a story or theme in your mind so that you can write the lyrics in accordance with it. If you are not following any theme or story, the song will not make any sense to the listener.

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